Transportation Dispatcher Careers in the Trucking Industry

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The trucking industry is one of those evergreen industries that keeps churning out various jobs. Because transportation of goods will always be a necessity, there will always be a demand for skilled individuals in every aspect of the transportation and trucking industry to keep the whole thing running smoothly. This means great opportunities for those wanting to get into the trucking industry, as more and more jobs are becoming available as companies expand their operations and old truckers start retiring.

One of the best and most stable careers in the trucking industry is that of transportation dispatching. Because, like most automotive careers, transportation dispatching is a trade, you can be sure of excellent job security, great pay, and fulfilling work. So, if you’re looking to enroll in some of the great trades training B.C. has to offer, enrolling in a program to become a reliable and hardworking dispatcher could be a great fit for you.

What is Transportation Dispatching?

Dispatchers in the transportation industry are people with excellent communications skills that are responsible for the receiving and disseminating of messages to a fleet of vehicles. Truck dispatchers are often employed by trucking companies to monitor things like freight delivery, and are responsible for coordinating the pick-up and drop-off schedules of truckers.

Whether it’s sending out locations to truckers, delivering messages to the drivers about their cargo or their destination, or just maintaining communication with the other members of the fleet, dispatchers are essential in the transportation world for keeping the entire fleet up to date with information and ensuring the accurate arrival and delivery of goods. As far as auto careers go, dispatching is an extremely stable one, and rewarding to boot.

While there are many other types of dispatching careers, such as emergency vehicle dispatcher and tow-truck dispatcher, these jobs are often much higher in stress and workload than dispatchers who work for trucking companies, as emergency vehicle dispatching is an extremely stressful and demanding job. While that’s not to say transportation dispatching is a walk in the park, you can be a little at ease knowing that not every call you get or have to make could be a life or death situation.

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Essential Skills for Dispatchers

So if you’re thinking about making transportation dispatching your main focus as an auto career, what skills should you possess to ensure your success? Possessing an excellent attention to detail is absolutely essential, because as a dispatcher you’ll be responsible for accurately recording and conveying information to a driver that is absolutely paramount to the success of their deliveries. Messing up locations or dates is absolutely unacceptable when it comes to being a dispatcher, so not only will you have to have excellent communication skills, but great dictation and recording skills as well. Attention to detail is the most important part of being a dispatcher, so failure to adhere to the little things is absolutely unacceptable. It’s also important that you’re familiar with computers and are able to learn quickly on software that assists dispatchers, like Axon Truck Dispatch software that you can see in action in this video:

So, if you fancy yourself someone with a passion for organization and details and are looking for a great job after completing a great trades training program, maybe dispatching is right up your alley!


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