Transportation Compliance and Safety Careers

safety and compliance automotive careersWhen it comes to the world of vehicles and automotive careers, it should be no surprise that the most important goal is keeping everyone safe. Over the past few decades, the way in which we approach automobile safety has been changing rapidly, and these days we’re striving to make the safest and most road-friendly vehicles we can. Whether that means that the car is a hybrid and safe for the environment, or that it has an exceptional crash test rating and excellent features to make it safer for your family, the automotive industry is innovating with safety in mind.

This has resulted in a wellspring of careers in the transportation compliance and safety industry, because as we rely more on the delivery of goods through ground transportation, the more safety becomes an issue.

Why the Need for Compliance and Safety?

In the transportation industry, increasing business pressures have seen more vehicles on the road with greater demand for efficiency. As more and more people are looking to ground transportation to ensure their goods get from point A to point B safely, the expectations in speed and delivery time are increasing. With many truck drivers and fleet managers feeling the pressure of demand to adhere to unrealistically tight schedules, it has sometimes resulted in less than safe practices.

There has been an increase in demand for people in the compliance and safety trade, to ensure that these transportation companies have vehicles that not only comply with the thorough standards set by the industry and increasing government regulation, but that they’re taking proper safety precautions as well.

Compliance and Safety

Careers in Safety and Compliance

There are a great number of rewarding careers in transportation safety and compliance, and they all come with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making the world and its roads a safer place.

Training as an compliance and safety specialist will expertly prepare you for a job as a safety inspector or mechanic. In this role, you’ll either work as a third party consultant or directly with a firm to inspect and, if necessary, make or send for repairs on the fleet vehicles. These inspections are extremely important for ensuring that the vehicles on the road are in the absolute best shape they can be in, to prevent needless accidents.  By observing working procedures, conducting tests and investigating incidents, safety directors ensure regulations are enforced for equipment, vehicles and transport employees.

If you prefer a job with a little more paperwork that’s less physically demanding than other roles in the transportation industry, then becoming a compliance specialist could be up your alley. You’ll work closely with transportation companies,  ensuring that their practices adhere to the strict standards set by the governing transportation body, and give them tips and advice on how to improve.

So, because of our growing need for safer roads, there is a wealth of great job opportunities for you in the realm of safety and compliance auto careers. Many of these qualified professionals work full-time for public government agencies or private transportation services. These are just a few examples of great jobs in a growing industry.

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