Toyota and Mazda to Collaborate on New Auto Technology

mazda toyota collab

Two Japanese automotive powerhouses will be teaming up to create some pretty advanced vehicles soon. Recently, Toyota Motor Corp. and its rival, Mazda, have announced that they will be putting their ongoing competition on the backburner to collaborate in the development of new automotive technology and vehicles.

Students pursuing automotive careers should definitely keep tabs on this particular partnership, as anything produced by Mazda and Toyota together is bound to be revolutionary. Read on to learn more about what these two auto makers have in store in the upcoming years.

Auto Mechanics Understand the Significance of this Partnership

Graduates of mechanic programs understand that between Mazda’s Skyactiv technology and Toyota’s powerful position in the auto industry, the two automakers have a lot to gain from their upcoming collaboration. In fact, both companies have created iconic products and technologies that will no doubt complement each other once combined. Toyota president Akio Toyoda believes that much more appealing cars will come from this partnership and that they will be well received by consumers around the globe.

Says Toyoda; “I am delighted that our two companies can share the same vision and work together to make cars better. I can think of nothing more wonderful than showing the world – together – that the next 100 years of cars will be just as fun as the first.”

What Will This Collaboration Bring to the Automotive Industry?

Although details of the collaboration are still on the down-low, one thing that has been declared is that Toyota will be incorporating Mazda’s Skyactiv technology in the next subcompact car the company produces. Automotive service technicians who are familiar with this technology know that Skyactiv engines help vehicles provide better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, at no cost to the car’s acceleration.

The subcompact vehicle that Toyota and Mazda plan on building will be based on the Mazda-2 model, and will likely be created at Mazda’s Salamanca, Mexico plant. Automotive News reports that the car will resemble a Toyota on the outside, but the interior will feature Mazda’s technology, including a high-compression version of the Skyactive gasoline engine.

When Can Auto Lovers Get Their Hands on This New Car?

While professionals in automotive careers know that neither Toyota nor Mazda has released any details regarding the launch of the next-generation Mazda-2, the vehicle is expected to enter production sometime before March 2016. While we’re still unsure about the production schedule and release date of the new vehicle, has been reported that Mazda plans to clear enough space in its Salamanca plant for approximately 50,000 Toyota subcompacts to be produced.

Would you like to work on collaborations like the next-generation Mazda-2 once you earn your auto mechanic diploma?

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