Touchless Car Washes: Pros vs Cons Explained for Those With Auto Detailing Training

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A car wash is always a good way to maintain a vehicle’s cleanliness, shine and general appearance. While automated touchless car washes are becoming more and more popular at gas stations and car wash facilities, professional auto detailers are needed to advise customers on the best methods for cleaning and washing their vehicles. Through ATC Montreal’s training program for auto detailers, you will gain hands-on experience in the field that will allow you to become the go-to person for customers looking for advice on how to wash their cars and whether to use touchless car washes or not. Read on to learn the pros and cons of touchless car washes!

The Pros of Touchless Car Washes 

For some people, convenience is a major benefit when it comes to touchless car washes. Touchless car washes are considered cheaper and more time-efficient for drivers, as they offer a fast way for people to wash and clean their cars without the effort of manual labour. Many of the professional auto detailing jobs performed on cars may be carried out by well-maintained touchless car washes. Some car washes are equipped with sensors that cover every part of a car for thorough cleaning without causing damage. It’ll be up to you to advise customers on what to look for when using touchless car washes for their vehicles.

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Touchless car washes save customers time and money on manual cleaning

A Look at the Cons of Touchless Car Washes for Those in Auto Detailing Training

After your auto detailing training from ATC Montreal, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise to offer recommendations to customers based on their vehicle’s needs when it comes to cleaning. As an auto detailer, you will know that some touchless car washes, even ones that are well maintained, can cause damage to a vehicle’s paint job, especially on a car that has been recently polished. This is because the brushes and bristles used in touchless car washes may be full of dirt and debris from previous car washes if they are not cleaned regularly. This will end up scratching the vehicle, damaging the paint and adding unforeseen extra costs for a touch-up.

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Touchless car washes may result in damages to the paint on a vehicle

The Verdict on Touchless Car Washes

There are good reasons for customers to opt for touchless car washes, such as convenience and time-efficiency. However, for an auto detailer, touchless car washes may be the worst choice a customer can make when cleaning their cars. This is because the damage done to a vehicle’s exterior can be extensive and may cost the customer more to fix than it would have to manually clean the car instead. It all comes down to a customer’s preference, but with the added knowledge of your expertise, you can inform their decision, offer the best cleaning solutions for their car and reduce any risk of surface damage in the process. 

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