Top Signs of Transmission Trouble

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Mechanical auto problems, as opposed to electrical auto problems, are usually coupled with distinct sounds and sensations that are key indicators that something isn’t functioning the way it was designed to. Transmissions take a lot of abuse over the years, and after a while, they’re bound to start developing some problems. Transmission repairs can be expensive, so paying attention to the cues a car is giving you can be worth it.

If you’re taking mechanic courses in Toronto or if you’re simply interested in automotive careers in Toronto, it makes sense that you would want to learn about potential transmission problems. Check out these common signs of transmission trouble.

Transmission Noisy in Neutral

If you hear strange noises when the car is in neutral, it could be the transmission. Luckily, a problem like this can have a simple and inexpensive solution, since adding or replacing the transmission fluid sometimes fixes the issue. Sadly, lots of noises from the transmission while it’s in neutral can also signal something more serious, like mechanical wear that will need the replacement of parts. In this case, a worn-out reverse idler gear or worn-out bearings, possibly coupled with worn-out gear teeth, are usually the culprits.

Gears slipping

In a normally functioning transmission, the car stays in the gear until you initiate a gear shift. On a transmission in which the gears slip, the car can spontaneously pop out of the gear it’s in while driving. This is not only unnerving, it can also be potentially dangerous, as drivers need full control over their vehicle to be able to properly handle any driving situation. If you find yourself noticing that the gears are slipping, it’s time to examine the transmission.

Dragging clutch

If a vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, a dragging clutch can indicate a problem with the transmission. A dragging clutch will fail to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel when the driver pushes in the clutch pedal. Fortunately, the most common cause of this problem isn’t too costly or difficult to fix. More often than not, the problem comes from too much slack in the clutch pedal. With too much free play, the cable or linkage between the pedal and the clutch disk doesn’t have enough leverage to disengage the clutch disk from the flywheel.

Leaking fluid

Probably one of the easiest ways for anyone with automotive training in Toronto to identify that your transmission needs attention, a car that is leaking transmission fluid requires immediate care. Automatic transmission fluid is vital to your car’s shifting capabilities, so a little fluid on the driveway can quickly turn into a major problem. When checking the automatic transmission fluid, make sure it’s not a dark colour and that it doesn’t have a burnt smell. Unlike a car’s motor oil, the transmission doesn’t really consume or burn up any fluid during use, so if a car is running low on fluid, it’s definitely leaking out from somewhere.

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