Top Communication Tips to Live By When You Become a Professional Auto Technician

In your training to become a professional auto technician, you may dream about a future working on different vehicles or even owning your own auto shop. As an auto technician, your main responsibilities will include working on cars, however, you will also need to interact with your colleagues and clients. 

While training at ATC Surrey, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge of how to service and repair the many systems that make up a car. These include the brake system, wheels, transmission, engine, and more. But if you’re looking to deliver a high-quality service to customers, you’ll also need to master your communication skills. Below, check out our top communication tips for a professional auto technician!

Pay Attention to Body Language 

Your body language does a lot to reveal your feelings and attitude. As a professional auto technician, you want to put aside whatever your mind may be focusing on and show the client that you are listening to them. Mastering this will come with time, but you can also practice good body language by making eye contact and correcting your posture. Remember to greet customers with a smile and turn your full attention to them. This kind of open body language helps to convey an air of confidence that will make the customer feel valued while also assuring them that their car is in good hands.

Preparing our students for an automotive career means providing a space for experiential learning.

As a Professional Auto Technician, Communicate to Avoid Conflict

Throughout your automotive career, you may notice that working as a technician in an autobody shop can be a fast-paced career. To avoid unnecessary conflict in the shop, it’s essential to communicate with your team members clearly and efficiently. 

Understand that everyone deserves the same level of respect in the workplace. If you start noticing frustration in yourself and others, showing empathy is one of the best ways to avoid conflict. Give others a space to air their grievances and focus on finding a proactive solution that works for everyone. At ATC Surrey, you’ll have plenty of time to engage and work with your classmates –both in the classroom and in shop lessons– to prepare you for an interactive career as an auto technician.

Becoming a professional auto technician means learning to work with others.

Treat the Customer With Consideration

Wherever you work, respect and consideration for the client should always be your top priority. To show proper concern for the customer, listen thoroughly to what they have to say while taking notes and asking questions for clarification. 

If a client is upset with a service, your response will go a long way in helping the situation. If the problem is the shop’s fault, apologize and assure them you will fix it. Either way, always be an empathetic listener.

If you have to explain something technical to a client, you may find it helpful to use analogies to help get your point across. Presenting the same issue with shop jargon may make the client feel nervous about what’s happening to their vehicle. Remember, they don’t have the same expertise as you. Communicating with customers about what has been done to their vehicle and why, as well as advising customers on general maintenance, are some of the fundamental tasks of any technician. At ATC Surrey, you’ll be given the knowledge and experience to make sure you put your best foot forward when meeting with clients. 

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