Top 5 Trucking Apps That Dispatch Pros Will Use in 2016

The transportation industry is using mobile apps more and more.
The transportation industry is using mobile apps more and more.

Transport operations have gone mobile. Fleet management software has been commonplace in the industry for a number of years, but with dispatch professionals always looking to improve efficiency, a number of developers have come up with apps that solve common route planning, freight handling, and work process issues.

In 2016, there are more choices than ever for operations specialists to build a mobile-based system for managing all aspects of the business at the touch of a button, with new apps that help small companies find new business, cut down on haul times, and improve driver experience.

Which mobile apps should dispatch training students be downloading to their devices? Read on to learn about some of the latest and best options in every area of the trucking.

1. Cargomatic: Uber For Dispatch Training Graduates?

Of all the new products on the market, Cargomatic is perhaps making the most waves. Styled as an ‘Uber for trucking’, Cargomatic connects local shippers to small fleet operations, allowing them to find trucks with excess cargo space to ship at short notice. It has already taken off in a big way, with many companies reporting huge growth in their business after signing up.

2. Drivewyze: Helping Students in Dispatch Training Cut Haulage Times

Students pursing dispatch training know that one of the biggest time-stealers on long haul routes is the wait times at weigh stations and inspection sites. Drivewyze allows trucks to bypass these sites legally, by sending their information directly to federal databases, which produces a safety rating. Drivewyze claims this allows drivers easy passage up to 98 per cent of the time. While no Canadian provinces have signed up yet, it will hopefully be adopted in time, and is already used in 35 U.S. states, making it a valuable tool for cross-border haulage.

3. TruckerPath: How Dispatch Training Students Improve Driver Experience

Dispatch professionals know that keeping drivers happy makes their jobs easier, and arming a fleet with an app like TruckerPath will certainly help. TruckerPath allows drivers to find nearby weigh stations, rest areas, parking lots, and truck stops based on their location, allowing them to plan their stops more efficiently. It also provides accurate information about whether facilities are open or closed, helping reduce the frustration of unproductive stops.

TruckerPath helps drivers plan their stops.
TruckerPath helps drivers plan their stops.

4. Flexe: Instant Warehouse Space For Dispatch Training Graduates

Flexe is new startup with a novel idea that students in a dispatch course might find useful when faced with cargo issues in their future careers. The company helps clients find available temporary warehouse space for short-term storage. If the business takes off, it has many potential benefits for transportation operations, as dispatch managers can utilize it for more convenient cargo drop off, extra storage, or even to rent out their own excess space for additional income.

5. FieldAware: A Virtual Office For Dispatch Professionals

FieldAware is a dispatch management app that offers practically everything a dispatcher could ask for. Its job scheduling tools offer real-time visibility and status updates for routes, while the app also lets dispatchers process work orders, quotes, and invoicing, as well as automated timesheets and inventory lists.

 FiedlAware helps dispatchers manage operations from their mobile device.
FiedlAware helps dispatchers manage operations from their mobile device.

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