Top 5 Selling Cars of 2020 for Those Interested in Automotive Sales Training

Anyone looking at a career in automotive sales should be mindful of the trends and patterns surrounding car purchases. Whether you are a consultant in a dealership or a representative on a lot, it’s important to know what vehicles consumers are purchasing and why. 

2020 has been a challenging year for automotive sales due to the coronavirus and its economic impacts, but cars are still selling. Read on to find out the best-selling cars for Canada in 2020 so far. 

5) The Hyundai Elantra Continues to Show Off its Redesign 

The Hyundai Elantra received brand-new interior and exterior styling for 2019 and now bears a modern, sleek design. The 2020 model didn’t deviate from this upgrade very much and is a natural continuation. Providing both a reliable, comfortable ride and a base price lower than competitors in its class, the Elantra is one of the top-selling cars of 2020 so far. 

Check out the Hyundai Elantra here: 

The 2020 Elantra brings with it a broad range of tech and safety features, such as standard dual-zone automatic climate control. Its continuously variable automatic transmission is efficient, and it has great fuel economy ratings. 

4) The Toyota Corolla Brings Out Some New Features 

The Corolla was fully redesigned for 2020, making it the 12th generation of the model. This iteration of the beloved auto includes a set of advanced safety features and a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission as standard. 

The Corolla is so popular because of its dependability and practicality, and this year’s model is no different. The 2020 Corolla has been applauded for its roomy back seats and good fuel economy, as well as a dependable braking system and excellent agility. Its popularity should be noted by anyone looking to make sales after their automotive sales training

3) The Honda CR-V is a Smart & Efficient Contender 

The 2020 Honda CR-V continues the blueprint set out in 2017 with the introduction of the 5th generation of the vehicle. This beloved auto is a great practical, everyday car with advanced safety features and great storage capacity. 

This version of the CR-V standardizes a set of forward-thinking driver-assistance features on all models. It also has a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine, as well as smart storage areas, a roomy interior, and large cargo capacity. 

2) The Honda Civic is Well-Known to Those in Automotive Sales Careers 

In 2016, the Civic underwent a drastic redesign that included new styling for a sportier look. The move was applauded by critics, consumers, and students in auto sales school, and four years later they’re still enjoying the vehicle. This auto is a practical car that’s fun to drive and very well-rounded. 

See the Honda Civic in this video:

The 2020 Honda Civic is comfortable while remaining relatively speedy, matching a spacious cabin with quick acceleration. The engine is a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder with a 6-speed manual transmission, giving it a real boost for a compact everyday car. 

1) The Toyota RAV4 is 2020’s Top Contender 

The Toyota RAV4 is always one of the best-selling SUVs, and this year isn’t deviating from that trend. The 2020 RAV4 offers drivers a smooth ride and great handling, matching comfort with agility in equal parts. Even better, the 2020 model has been given a five-star safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  

The 2020 RAV4 has a powerful 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and a 0-100km/h time of around 8 seconds. Consumers will be happy to know that it also has competitive fuel economy ratings. 

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