The Top 5 Car Interiors of 2020 Everyone With an Auto Detailing Career Should Check Out!

It’s not just how a car looks on the outside — the inside counts just as much, if not more. Although there are many 2020 models that offer drivers plenty of choice as far as interior comfort, design, and technology, some brands have models that truly stand out from the pack. In the case of the five interiors we discuss below, these are quite possibly the cream of the crop!

From electric luxury cars to family SUVs and plenty else in between, these five car interiors offer a serious boost to anyone’s driving experience. Here are the top 5 car interiors for 2020!

2020 Audi E-Tron: Adding Interior Luxury to an Electric Vehicle

This luxury brand is well-known for being no slouch in the interior department, and the 2020 E-Tron adds to that legacy. More specifically, this coupe-style electric crossover model stands out based on its walnut trim, comfortable and relaxing seats, stylish-looking console complete with a palm rest, matte-finish woods, infotainment system with voice recognition, and premium leather furnishings. The E-Tron also offers generous room for cargo, as well as ventilated and heated seats as standard.

2020 BMW X6 M: A Dream for Anyone with an Auto Detailing Career

Although affording a BMW might be a pipedream for some car owners, an interior like the one found in the iconic luxury car company’s X6 M model will help them keep that dream alive. Having massaging seats as well as cupholders capable of cooling and heating are arguably selling points in and of themselves, but those with an auto detailing career should also note their slickly-designed seats (including heated rear ones), easy-to-use infotainment system, and a digital gauge cluster. In short, it’s an elegant mixture of luxury, functionality, sportiness, and comfort.

The 2020 BMW X6 M offers cupholders with cooling and heating capabilities

2020 Kia Telluride: A Full-Size SUV with Comfort for the Whole Family

It’s an eight-seater SUV with an interior that balances both comfort and high-tech in equal measure. Not only does it come equipped with a host of safety features, it also boasts an infotainment system including an 8.0 to 10.25-inch touchscreen (with heads-up display and other safety features) and multiple USB ports. 

Defined also by its wood coverings, ventilated and heated seats in the front two rows, fold-flat and leather seats, slickly-designed cabin, and a strong balance between passenger and cargo space, the 2020 Telluride has plenty to impress any student doing their auto detailing training.

2020 Lincoln Aviator: A Sleek Mix of Class and Functionality

Between its wood trimmings, a sound system complete with 28 speakers, and various options for seat configuration (particularly in the front), Lincoln’s 2020 Aviator model offers drivers and passengers plenty to be excited about. 

Including many different safety features (Lincoln’s Co-Pilot 360 Plus providing drivers with Reverse Brake Assist and Traffic Jam Assist among others) and user-friendly technological features, this is a mid-size crossover walking the line between functional and luxurious. Oh, and the door/warning chimes were even recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra — further proof of Lincoln’s attention to detail.

One of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator’s safety features includes Traffic Jam Assist

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB: A Luxury SUV on Virtually Every Level

They’re a company well-known for putting the “luxury” in “luxury SUV”, and the 2020 GLB most definitely helps uphold that reputation. Not only does the GLB offer door-mounted seat controls and 20 cubic feet worth of room for cargo, but it also boasts two MBUX infotainment screens and an array of options for interior colouring, as well as ambient lighting in 64 different colours, an optional sunroof, and automatic climate control. Not bad for a three-row SUV considered to be one of Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level models.

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