Top 4 Best Off-Road Vehicles

Top 4 Best Off-Road Vehicles

In the early 1990s, almost all SUVs on the market were off-road trucks designed to handle rough trails, mountain paths and dirt roads. Today, consumers want vehicles that are lighter and more energy-efficient, but the market hasn’t forgotten those of us who love to go on an adventure. In fact, though the SUV market is now more diverse than ever, there are still plenty of options for those who want to spend time off the pavement and away from the city. Whether you’re a student taking auto mechanic courses, interested in pursuing automotive careers or simply love trucks, there’s an off-road vehicle for you out there.

Here are some of the best off-road vehicles on the market.

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

The Wrangler Rubicon comes equipped with mud terrain 32-inch tires by BF Goodrich, which provide additional grip and ground clearance compared to other models. Where the Rubicon truly shines, however, is in ultra-low gearing, which allow the driver to climb or descend steep trails. The suspension in the Rubicon is also flexible and impressive, helping the vehicle maintain its balance.

The Suzuki Grand Vitara

Though some dislike the Vitara because it doesn’t look as mighty as other off-road vehicles, it’s actually an excellent off-roader for those who want a compact, surprisingly fuel efficient (for its category) truck. The Vitara features great trail capability, better handling and traction than other vehicles in its class and a 2-speed transfer case with high and low range. In other words, the vehicle can handle both off-road as well as day-to-day driving. If you still find the look problematic, you should know that there are plenty of aftermarket parts available out there, allowing you to customize your Grand Vitara to your liking.

Land Rover

The Land Rover

When the Land Rover was introduced, it was viewed as a model that was promising but difficult to drive. Starting with the Land Rover Discovery, the model started gaining popularity. Today, the Land Rover is smooth and drives well both on and off the pavement. Part of the model’s success comes from its use of a technology known as “terrain response control.” The driver can adjust the driving conditions in real-time, allowing him or her to anticipate obstacles like grass or a dirt road. The Rover also features electronic springs which function independently of one another, allowing the suspension to be adjusted at each corner, instead of for the entire vehicle.

The Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Cruiser is an incredibly impressive vehicle and a miracle of modern engineering. Though the truck comes equipped with regular road tires, you won’t need auto mechanic training to fix it on the go, as it rarely gets stuck in the great outdoors thanks to its limited-slip center differential and an automated system that applies the brakes to the tires with the least traction. Unlike some other trucks in its class, the FJ Cruiser also features a full 4-wheel drive system. These distinct advantages give the Cruiser incredible handling and maneuverability. Simply put: this is an amazingly fun truck to drive!

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