Tips for Preventing Fires When it Comes to Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

Vehicle fires occur much more frequently than one might expect. According to recent data from the United States, nearly 1,530 gas-powered cars per 100,000 sold units are involved in vehicle fires. This puts this category of cars right in between electrical vehicles (EVs) at 25 fires per 100,000 sold units and hybrids at 3,475 fires for the same amount. Thankfully, active steps can be taken to help decrease these numbers.

Students looking to become hybrid and electrical mechanics can be vigilant when it comes to preventing vehicle fire. Notably, fires in electric vehicles and hybrids are usually attributed to battery issues. These issues can make EVs and hybrids extremely dangerous, creating the possibility of fires that can easily reignite if not properly put out. 

Read on to learn what you can do in your career to help prevent these fires from occurring.

Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks to Ensure Car Safety

One of the biggest ways to prevent vehicle fires is to regularly conduct maintenance checks. The general rule is that well-maintained cars will have lower chances of faulty wiring, fluid leaks and other issues, decreasing the risk of vehicle fires. 

Through regular checkups, a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic can watch out for any damaged wiring, faulty fuses and fluctuations in fuel level or engine temperature. They can also check the car for any signs of smoke tracing from the engine or brakes, and be on the lookout for any odd smells or loud noises coming from the exhaust system.

If you suspect a leaking battery, then it’s best to conduct a litmus paper test to identify which type of acid you’re dealing with. It’s incredibly important to wear safety equipment during maintenance and servicing, including insulated rubber boots, gloves, coveralls and a face shield to name a few. With these scheduled inspections, you can identify problems before they become life-threatening.

Conducting regular maintenance checks is a key way to prevent vehicle fires as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic

Use Approved Parts When Working as a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic 

When working on hybrid and electric vehicles, it’s important to only use approved replacement parts, such as batteries or chargers. This means sticking to parts that come from the original manufacturer or from an authorized reseller. By taking this extra precaution, you can avoid potential damage to the vehicle. 

It’s good practice to make sure that your work environment is safe. In addition to wearing the appropriate safety gear, you’ll want to disconnect the battery and ensure that high voltage cables and other electrical components are completely dead before servicing the vehicle. Through your hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you can learn more about safety issues and different control systems, as well as how to service hybrids and conduct general maintenance.

Using approved parts when servicing hybrid and electric vehicles can help ensure safety

Communicate Safety Points to Clients after Your Training

Another way to help prevent vehicle fires in your automotive career is to communicate safety instructions to clients. Some of the most common points include being careful with gasoline and avoiding parking in tall grass high enough to reach the hot parts of a car. 

An additional tip is to let the battery cool down before recharging, after the vehicle stops running. If the battery is detachable, then you can encourage clients to remove it from the vehicle, place it in a dry location away from direct sunlight and recharge it separately. You can also advise clients to regularly inspect their batteries for any signs of damage and to avoid using them if they feel too hot. By taking these extra steps, you can help reduce vehicle fires in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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