Tips for Finding a Mechanic Job You’ll Enjoy After Your Automotive Course

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There’s high demand for auto mechanics right now, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for finding a job after auto mechanic college. Since demand is so high, you have the luxury of being able to shop around at different employers to see who would be the best fit for you.

Of course, finding a mechanic job you love still takes quite a bit of legwork, like sending out resumes and getting in touch with employers. Luckily, it can all pay off nicely for you in the end. Here are some pointers for how you can find your ideal job as a mechanic.

Tailor Your Resume to the Positions You Want

It goes without saying that any job you apply for will ask that your resume and cover letter be tailored to the specific position and show off how you’re the right candidate for the job. Not only does that mean not copy and pasting the same resume you send to every position you apply to, but it also means readjusting parts of it to emphasize the qualities you have that an employer is looking for. A good strategy is to bump certain skills or work history descriptions further up in your CV, or discuss them in more detail in your cover letter. The position, for example, may be looking for someone with more specific knowledge of replacing worn-out parts, better able to perform preventive maintenance, or someone with knowledge of computerized diagnostic equipment. You can highlight which skills you’ve learned in your automotive courses that the employer is most likely to value most.

Your resume should highlight why you’re a fit for a particular position
Your resume should highlight why you’re a fit for a particular position

Study Each Employer to Find Out Which One Fits You Best

Finding a good employer after completing an automotive course is about more than just getting a good pay cheque (although that’s certainly important too!). You also want to make sure that you’ll fit in with the workplace culture. That means researching the employer to find out if their values match your own. For example, a good idea is to visit the garage in person to get a good feel for what it’s like as a workplace. Also, consider what the work hours are like and what kind of equipment they offer. These factors can make the difference between a lacklustre job and a career you love. When it comes down to it, you’ll want to enjoy the environment you work in, not simply the job itself.

Use Your Auto Mechanic College to Network with Employers and Colleagues

Sometimes, who you know is just as important as what you know. In other words, be sure to seize any opportunity you get to talk to people in the automotive industry—particularly those who already work as an auto service technician—since they could very well be people who can help you get a job. Although it’s obviously important to build up your resume as much as possible, building a rapport with others in the field can benefit you. Keep in touch with your colleagues from your mechanic courses, for example, since they may be able to recommend you for positions that open up at their own workplaces in the future. Also, your auto mechanic college will have connections with local employers and they are a great source for career placements.

Auto mechanic college is a great opportunity to network with employers and colleagues
Auto mechanic college is a great opportunity to network with employers and colleagues

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