Why Now is the Right Time for Women to Get Involved in a Mechanic Program

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Although women have been working in the automotive industry nearly since its beginning, it’s no secret that there are fewer of them working within the field and as mechanics. Recently, however, that trend is moving downwards as more women are getting involved.

A variety of companies and organizations have begun to develop initiatives to remove barriers and actively encourage women to get involved in the automotive field. If you’re interested in getting involved in an automotive career, read on to find out why there’s never been a better time than now to start.

Demand for Professionals in the Automotive Industry Is Holding Steady

For many looking for a satisfying career that offers stable employment, the automotive sector has a lot to offer. According to current projections, demand for mechanics is set to remain steady in the coming years.

As older generations age out of their careers and retire, companies and businesses are finding themselves in need of skilled, professional workers. The automotive industry does not look the same as it did 50 years ago. As more technology is introduced in areas such as diagnostics, hybrid cars, and computerized automotive features, working on a car does not involve the same kind of manual labour as before. This means that many women entering the field have more options to choose from, including work that is less physically demanding. In a mechanic program, you can train for any number of positions and prepare for a rewarding career in need of qualified workers.

The automotive industry needs plenty of qualified workers
The automotive industry needs plenty of qualified workers

Graduates of Mechanic Schools Can Help Inspire Future Generations, and Promote the Trades

For a long time, trades weren’t seen as careers on par with an office job. However, more and more people are coming to recognize just how important they are.

Through a career in the trades, women can have a big impact on their community and among future generations. Visibility doesn’t just mean being in a high position like CEO of General Motors, it also means more women in the neighborhood garage, and more women that the next generation can look up to as role models.

ATC trains students with the practical knowledge they need to start their automotive careers
ATC trains students with the practical knowledge they need to start their automotive careers

It begins by following your passion into a career you can be proud of. Women are just as capable of changing a tire or fixing an engine block, and can achieve plenty of success at mechanic schools and beyond.

The Automotive Sector Benefits from Diversity and Teamwork

More visibility also brings a more diverse pool of workers who can enrich the field with even more ideas, innovations, creativity, and perspectives. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation, not only in the increasing implementation of computerized features, but also autonomous vehicles, clean energy, and more. This means that companies now, more than ever, benefit from having teams with many different perspectives. By working together to solve problems and help each other, shops can accomplish even more and reach even greater heights.

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