Thinking of Pursuing Automotive Training? Here’s What Our Grads Are Saying!

Are you interested in working in the automotive industry? Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty and exploring what’s under the hood of a vehicle? Do you love cars? There are a lot of reasons why you might be considering automotive training. 

At ATC, you’ll join the thousands of Canadian success stories that started right here, with the help of our flexible class schedules, career placement services, and more. For more than 35 years, our experienced and caring staff have provided individuals like you in different automotive programs with the skills, hands-on training and confidence to launch their automotive careers. 

Be inspired by what our graduates have to say! 

Our Automotive School Is One Big “Ohana” (Family)

When it comes to starting anything new at a different place or school, it’s normal to feel worried about whether you’ll be able to adapt and integrate into a new environment. This was one thing that defined ATC for Christine Galligan, a Collision Estimating Course graduate. Christine didn’t know anyone when she started and had no knowledge of estimating. She felt scared to take the course because she thought she wouln’t make it. But at our automotive school Christine actually found it easy to adapt, saying that “I made friends who I will always cherish and met a teacher who taught me so much…Overall I got through it with the help of my teacher and my fellow students. The students and I were all like one big Ohana.  ‘Ohana’ means FAMILY, FAMILY means no one gets left BEHIND or FORGOTTEN.”

At ATC automotive school, you’ll find support and a family to help you succeed

Learn Auto Mechanics Quickly

When you’re interested in pursuing a new program and career, you’ll want to not be discouraged by the amount of time you’ll need to complete your studies. ATC acknowledges that you might be anxious to quickly begin your automotive training and launch your career. That’s what Alexandre Gregoire-Maltais experienced when he enrolled. He had this to say about his experience: “It’s faster than the DEP. I started in April, registered 1 month before, and there were no delays before starting the program” For him, the speed of his studies really made a difference. He said that ATC stood out, “Because of the length of the program, especially for those who have a job or want to find a job in the field quickly.”

You’ll get the chance to learn quickly in the automotive program of your choice

In-depth Courses Are What You’ll Get at ATC

If you want to learn in a program that can provide you with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry, then you’ll get just that when you join ATC. At ATC, we provide you with courses and programs that are designed to give you a solid foundation on which to build your career. Here’s what automotive graduate Alexandre Silveira had to say about his experience: “I was looking for a school that offers intensive classes, because I’m a fast learner. The teachers at ATC are very experienced and have helped me a lot. ATC provided me with the confidence needed to find a new job. If you have a passion for the automotive industry and want a long career as an automotive mechanic, this school is perfect for you.”

Are you interested in auto mechanic courses?

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