Thinking About Online Collision Estimator Training? Check Out 4 of the Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Sometimes, cars are pure works of automotive art. Other times, not so much. Cars with a hideous exterior can come in many shapes and sizes. Their parts might be disproportionately sized, the colour could make them an eyesore, or the car could be a mess of different design styles.

While some car manufacturers take many steps to ensure their car designs are of the highest quality, others can press ahead with mind-boggling designs that make you wonder just how they made it to the production line. Here are four of the ugliest cars automotive lovers have ever seen.

Pontiac Aztek: If Frankenstein Created a Mid-Size Crossover

The Pontiac Aztek’s hunchbacked design should be a red flag in and of itself, but the Aztek wasn’t content to stop there as far as aesthetic disasters are concerned. It’s also adorned with excessive and angry-looking lamps and headlights at the front, and the car itself is hideously proportioned.

Unsurprisingly, GM only produced this sedan-SUV mashup from 2000 to 2005. We honestly don’t know what Walter White was thinking in choosing to drive this monstrosity on Breaking Bad.

Nissan Cube: Comes As Advertised, But Still Not Great

Students in online collision estimator training might view this car as being particularly box-shaped, and not in a good way. While the appropriately cube-shaped design helped make it extremely practical, it also came equipped with a bizarrely-curved rear end.

The asymmetrical design at the back is arguably what ruins an otherwise decent-looking car, proving that making a uniquely designed vehicle is an art rather than a science. Nissan themselves even claimed they designed the vehicle based on a bulldog in sunglasses.

The feeling you get when you’ve bought a car as ugly as these!

Fiat Multipla: A Smorgasbord of Automotive Ugliness

While the Multipla offered drivers a decent ride, two rows of three seats each, and a generous amount of interior space, its outward appearance is dated, to say the least. The Fiat Multipla is a ghastly geometric mismatch, with mounted running lights below the windshield, an oddly curved top half on top of a more straight rectangular bottom, and a giant bulge at the A-pillars’ base. The Multipla ceased production in 2010, and was never sold in North America. From the looks of it, we didn’t miss much.

Tesla’s Cybertruck: An Online Automotive Course-Taker’s Nightmare

Sorry, Elon. While your Cybertruck might be very futuristic and cool, it’s not exactly an oil painting in vehicular form — it’s more like a bad geometry school project. Those in an online collision estimator program may appreciate what Tesla has been doing for the auto industry and technology as a whole, but their Cybertruck has been the subject of intense criticism over its messily triangular appearance.

Worse yet, the armored glass designed to protect the car and give its exoskeleton greater strength broke during a demonstration. At least Elon Musk claims he made the car ugly on purpose, we suppose.

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