Thinking About Auto Service College? 4 Signs a Car is Ready for Maintenance

auto service college

One of the most important things any car owner should know is when their prized possession needs to be brought in for maintenance. The signs may not always be clear at first, but there are red flags that car owners should look out for.

No matter what the problem may be, drivers cannot just ignore it as that attitude often leads to worse problems later on. Fortunately, your knowledge of auto service will come in handy as you help customers keep their vehicles in top shape. Here are four signs a car might need a tune-up after you’ve finished your studies at auto service college.

1. If Warning Lights Are Flashing on the Vehicle’s Dashboard

Flashing lights on the dashboard are the most obvious sign that a car needs maintenance. The check engine light on the dashboard could hint at a variety of issues that could involve any of a car’s numerous systems. These signs can vary from one car to the next, so to find out what the issue is you’ll often need to check the vehicle’s manual. While not as big of a problem if the light is stationary, it is an emergency if the light is flashing. In that case, the car needs to be looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

A flashing check engine light indicates the vehicle needs to be serviced as soon as possible

A flashing check engine light indicates the vehicle needs to be serviced as soon as possible

2. If Squealing Can Be Heard When the Car Is Activated

Squealing or squeaking can be caused by a number of issues. For example, the car’s power steering fluid may need to be replaced, the tires could be losing balance, or the belt may be starting to wear out or become loose (in which case the noises will be coming from under the hood). While many different kinds of noises can be heard from the vehicle depending on what the problem may be, squeals and squeaks are among the more common, and are usually a sign that a mechanic who has the technical skills learned in auto service programs needs to look at it.

3. If Steam or Smoke Is Rising from the Hood of the Car

It may not be an emergency at first, but steam or smoke rising from the hood is still worth the owner getting their vehicle serviced. Often, this issue is rooted in problems with the radiator or the vehicle overheating (which can cause engine damage). If the colour of the smoke is blue, then the problem may be caused by burning oil. However, there are several other potential causes such as worn valve seals, the head gasket failing, or the pistons wearing out, so it will take a mechanic to get to the root of the issue.

If smoke is rising from the hood, a mechanic can help customers avoid feeling like this

If smoke is rising from the hood, a mechanic can help customers avoid feeling like this

4. If a Car is Vibrating, Use What You Learned in Auto Service College to Find the Problem

A vibrating car could be caused by a flat tire, worn brake pads, unbalanced tires, or even just a loose piece of plastic. Whatever the case may be, these are not safe conditions for driving, so it will need to be seen by a mechanic immediately. This is a job you’ll be well equipped to tackle as you’ll have learned about servicing tires and brakes in your auto service technician course. If a car starts to shake and vibrate while on a paved road, it needs to be serviced as soon as possible.

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