The Function Of Repair Manuals After Auto Mechanic School

If you’re considering an automotive career, it’s likely that you have a degree of mechanical ability. This is an extremely valuable skill set to possess as it can help you to succeed in automotive training and in your future career. 

With a natural aptitude for understanding how parts work and specialized training, you should be fully prepared to complete any repair effectively without needing to consult any directions, right? Well, not quite. Today’s vehicles are complex and have more Mechanics must refer to repair manuals in order to complete repairs properly and safely. Keep reading to discover the different types of manuals, why you need them to improve the quality of your work and how they keep you safe. 

What Are The Different Types Of Repair Manuals? 

Repair manuals are divided into various subcategories according to who might use them. For example, we’re all familiar with the owner’s manual which simply contains all of the important details pertaining to a vehicle including its features, specifications, and maintenance needs. Factory service manuals focus more on repairs. Created by the manufacturer of a vehicle, they provide detailed instructions on the maintenance and repair of a vehicle covering everything from oil change to complex engine repair.

auto mechanic school grad fixing a car while looking at a tablet
Get familiar with the different types of repair manuals after auto mechanic school to improve your work.

Need even more detail? Then consult the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manual. These documents contain detailed information on each mechanical component of a particular model containing thorough step-by-step repair instructions and diagrams that are easy for technicians to interpret. OEM manuals will provide details on a vehicle’s fluids, parts, and tools needed to complete the repair. 

How Repair Manuals Improve Your Work After Auto Mechanic School 

The vehicles you’ll work on after auto mechanic school are complex and vary greatly from one another. By consulting the right repair manual, you can save plenty of time, allowing you to avoid using parts and tools that you don’t really need. One of the most time-consuming parts of your job as an auto mechanic will be troubleshooting and diagnostics. Using the appropriate repair manual will provide the most efficient and effective step-by-step process for  troubleshooting straight from the manufacturer, allowing you to reduce repair turnover time and allowing you to improve shop efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

auto mechanic school grads working together
Improve your efficiency after auto mechanic school by following the repair manual for each model.

How Repair Manuals Help You To Protect Your Personal Safety

Some mechanical components of a vehicle can be dangerous. For example, as hybrid and electric vehicles become more popular, different personal protection equipment is required in order to protect against high voltage energy systems. Repair manuals include information on all of the equipment you’ll need to complete a repair safely. After automotive training, you’ll be well equipped to complete a wide range of repairs on your own but remember to double check using the right repair manual for each vehicle you’re working on. 

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