The Cadillac Celestiq Flagship: What Every Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Should Know

With the growing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, some of the most influential car companies are looking for ways to create supercars that sport the latest electric features. Cadillac got many EV enthusiasts excited after releasing a teaser of its new model: the Cadillac Celestiq Flagship.

With a vibrant red colour and a striking silhouette, this hand-built show car has got many mechanics talking. Read on for a quick look at some of its key features and designs that are generating the hype!

A Fully Electric Sedan

As Cadillac works to reclaim its phrase “the Standard of the World,” it has come out with a new flagship, the Celestiq. The structure of the car feature a four-door hatchback that aims to look more like the Audi A7 than the Mercedes CLS-CLass. If you are in a hybrid and electrical mechanic course, you should know that customers will have the choice between one, two or even three motors on the Celestiq, allowing the car to increase its horsepower every time a motor is added. 

With this new model, Cadillac is expected to gain a lot of momentum. People are expecting the brand to put its most powerful motors behind the car, giving it the longest range and high performance. It will also include fast charging at 800 volts, so drivers can charge easily while running daily errands. 

Owners of the new Celestiq flagship will enjoy fast charging

An Impressive Interior 

With the Celestiq, Cadillac brings luxury to both the exterior and the interior of the car. Their goal for this model is to have the cars hand-built by a professional hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic–with added attention to the interior design. The rear seats will take the stage to give passengers a comfortable ride with ample space. Another gorgeous feature is an all-glass roof that will allow a full, unobstructed view of the driver’s surroundings, along with super cruise driver assistance included. Not to mention, the interior of the car will also feature a display screen across the width of the Celestiq dashboard. 

Discover the luxury of the Celestiq inside and out after hybrid and electrical training

The Difference Between the Celestiq EV and the Lyriq for a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic

With Cadillac also releasing the Lyriq SUV, many people may wonder what the similarities and differences will be. The two cars will share some of the same components, such as battery cells and motors. But the Celestiq goes one step further than the Lyriq in terms of luxury and cost. Just for its production, General Motors plans to invest more than 81 million dollars USD, while Cadillac plans to price the vehicle at around 300 thousand dollars USD. At this price, you can expect the car to be something impressive, so keep your eyes peeled for other teasers as you work towards your career as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic. 

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