The Benefits of Waxing a Car When Auto Detailing

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As a student of automotive detailing, you will learn how to make vehicles look great, which can in turn help with maintaining their value. Waxing is an important part of this. Waxing has many benefits, ranging from giving a car a showroom look to protecting its clearcoat from pollution, UV rays, and water.

When you encounter clients in your career who aren’t sure about whether or not to have their car waxed, you can help them understand the advantages that this service offers. Read on to learn a little more about the benefits of car wax.

Professional Automotive Detailing and Waxing Preserves a Car’s Value

A large goal of professional automotive detailing is to help clients’ cars keep their value, and wax plays a significant role in achieving that. Wax provides a barrier between the car’s clearcoat and the outside world. Environmental pollutants from rainwater, roads, and polluted air frequently come in contact with a car. When wax is applied, the surface of the car becomes even more water repellent, so that splashes from dirty puddles or rain water will more easily roll off, carrying grime away with the water. Preserving the paint’s quality helps cars reach a better resale value down the road.

Automotive detailing preserves a car’s resale value, benefiting owners
Automotive detailing preserves a car’s resale value, benefiting owners

Waxing Is a Part of Auto Detailing That Makes Other Maintenance Easier

When a car is waxed, it’s more difficult for dirt and grime to build up on the vehicle. Water and air aren’t able to deposit filth as easily on the exterior, so the car doesn’t need to be taken for a wash as often. This saves a client both money and time, making their car maintenance a little bit less difficult. With less dirt spending time in contact with the paint, the potential for damage to occur is also lessened, reducing the need for maintenance on the car’s paint down the road.

Waxing can save clients from an extra trip to the car wash
Waxing can save clients from an extra trip to the car wash

When a detailing job can help reduce tasks and errands for a car owner, it’s well worth their time. Not only will their car look great, but they’ll also have a shorter to-do list and an easier time taking care of their vehicle. Proper auto detailing can be what a car owner needs to achieve the look they want with less fuss.

Waxing Looks Great on the Road and Makes Clients Happy

The most obvious benefit of waxing is that it creates a shiny appearance and makes a vehicle look fresh and clean. Drivers are happy when their cars look like they just rolled out of a showroom. Since wax also repels dirt and grime, it allows a car to maintain this fresh and clean look much longer than a simple carwash can. Wax can leave a surface looking new, as if the client just drove it out of the dealership.

Another way that waxing improves the appearance of a car is by filling in tiny scratches in the paint. If they are small and shallow enough, their appearance can be reduced. This means that the client doesn’t have to have the scratches buffed. Waxing can make them virtually unnoticeable for a fraction of the effort.

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