Testimonial by: Phuong Phung Van


Dear ATC,

I would like to dedicate this letter to the Administrative staff, Management team as well as the Professional Instructors at Automotive Training Centres located in Toronto. From the very first day I met Donna (Admissions Rep) she was very welcoming and professional and takes great initiative in her work and it was her smile that kept me moving on in this program. I want to thank Archie (Financial Aid Officer) also for doing such a fantastic job with the registrations, OSAP and ongoing support where needed. As a proud student learning at the Automotive Training Centres and learning the complete Automotive Technology Diploma Program I had been blessed to learn the complete auto mechanic skills, theory and hands-on practice in the shop with my Instructor Paul, who has many years of expertise in the field.

During my nine months of full-time studies with ATC and working a part-time job to pay for tuition was not an easy task, but I tried really hard to accomplish my goals in life and my future career:: to train and get my foot into the mechanics field and becoming a certified licensed Automotive Service Technician.

Furthermore, I would like to say with a warm thank-you to Paul McArthur, my Instructor, because without his intuitive lectures and lab detail instructions it would not be possible to achieve the marks I would have gotten in the program and making it on the Honors list. In addition to this, I have to say that I am very lucky to find a job with Acura Vaughan during my studies and continuing my Apprenticeship and putting my knowledge and shop experience into practice in an actual dealership.

Once again, none of this would be possible without the help of the Automotive Training Centres team and my Instructor Paul. I do hope and wish the best for the many newcomers into the program and hope existing students find success on a path towards a successful career in the ever growing field of Automotive Service Technician!

Sincerely yours,

Phuong Phung Van

Automotive Technology Diploma Graduate

Acura Vaughan

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