Testimonial from Brenda Holmes

ATC Toronto testimonial

After being unemployed for two years I returned to school to pursue a new career. I spent most of my life working with people, so going into the transportation field was a big shift. I chose the Automotive Training Centre because they offered the best program in Transportation and Dispatching. I certainly was not disappointed in my choice of program and school. Right from the first phone call to inquire about their programs I met wonderful people who were so helpful and guided me in the right direction.  After having an initial  interview with Donna it was clear to me that I was making the best choice for my career.

My fellow students were warm, welcoming and treated me as part of the team. As a class we worked together, sharing our experiences and helping one another out. Our instructor was amazing. He kept us focused, helped us learn new technology, encouraged us to grow and challenged us to excel. The class size was small which allowed the instructor to spend individual time with each student. Every day we learned something new, relevant and practical. Theory and practice went hand in hand. I developed new skills that I use every day.

I was hired on the first day of my placement. I completed my three week placement in the area of Safety and Compliance. I work for Vagans Inc, Safety and Compliance Consultants as a Safety Auditor. Every day I look forward to going to work.  Automotive Training Centre was the first step to a bright future. I have a lot more to learn but the tools and skills I gained from the Transportation and Dispatching course have set me in the right direction.

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