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3 Signs You’re Ready for Your First Day at an Auto-Mechanic Apprenticeship

First impressions count, and your first day as an auto mechanic apprentice is no exception. This is an important step in your auto mechanic career and an opportunity to put…
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Taking Training in the Automotive Industry? Check out this New Brake Technology!

GM has developed an innovative braking system to improve road safety for trucks and trailers. Here’s what those training in the automotive industry should know. Anyone who has ever driven…
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How to Replace a Serpentine Belt During Auto Careers

If your vehicle’s steering functionality glitches, your battery begins rapidly losing charge, and a disconcerting sound comes out of your engine, your car’s serpentine belt is possibly the culprit. Although…
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Professional Automotive Detailing and the Matte Paint Debate

Cars with a matte finish are becoming more and more popular with drivers that want their vehicle to look luxurious and stand out on the road. In 2016, one in…
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4 Suggestions for Storing Tires for Students in Mechanic Courses

Winter has arrived, which means that for many it’s time to swap out the all-season tires for winter ones. But how do you make sure those all-season tires are able…
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