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What Is Game-Based Automotive Technology Training & How Can it Enhance Your Auto Career?

As automotive technology becomes more and more complex, the prospect of learning about how this technology works becomes increasingly challenging. Students enrolled in automotive technology training must build the skills…
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What Professionals in Automotive Careers Should Know About Planetary Gear Sets

If you’ve ever wondered what gearbox an automatic transmission vehicle is equipped with, it’s most likely a planetary gearbox. Named for the manner in which the gears rotate around each…
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4 Things You’ll Want to Include in Your CV After Completing Auto Tech Technician Training in Vancouver

If you’re considering a career as an automotive technician, you’ll be using your skills to inspect and diagnose vehicles experiencing a variety of problems. In addition to completing routine servicing…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? 5 Common Reasons Why Some Vehicles Fail Emissions Tests

Emissions tests are an important standard practice within the automotive industry, helping vehicle owners to ensure that their vehicle isn’t emitting more than a certain amount of pollutants into the…
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Common Fuel System Problems Explained for those in Automotive Careers

As any auto professional knows, the fuel system is a critical part of the engine. Without fuel, the engine cannot run, and any problem that affects the fuel system is…
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