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The 2014 Beijing Motor Show

If you’re enrolled in some of the great automotive trades training B.C. has to offer, or toying around with the idea, you’ll know there’s nothing we love more than automotive…
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Ensuring Transportation Safety in the Trucking Industry

When it comes to auto careers, the trucking industry plays a much more integral part in our everyday lives than you might imagine. Most deliveries – whether it be produce,…
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Collision Repair: Hammering out the Dents

Even though everyone in the automotive industry is pushing for safer and more solidly built vehicles, as well as increased caution when driving, there are still accidents out on the…
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Unique Careers in Parts and Warehousing

As far as automotive careers go, when parts and warehousing careers are brought up, people are usually less than enthused. However, it may surprise you to know that out of…
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Trends in Diesel for the Engine Mechanic

With diesel finally stepping back into the limelight once again in the automotive world, we’re seeing some interesting diesel trends popping up all over the place. This has resulted in…
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