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3 Trends to Watch in 2022 As You Work Towards Your Auto Detailing Career

If you enjoy working on the appearance of vehicles and restoring them to top-notch condition, then a career in auto detailing is perfect for you. Making a vehicle look brand…
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What’s the Best Method for Cleaning Floor Mats During Your Auto Detailing Career?

When you provide auto detailing to the exterior and interior of customers’ vehicles, there’s always one area on the inside that will require more attention. That area is usually the…
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5 Ways to Prepare for an Interview After Auto Detailing Training

If you’re seeking a career in auto detailing, knowing how to prepare for an interview is a great way to ensure you’re successful in landing a job. Once you’ve completed…
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4 Reasons to Launch Your Auto Detailing Career in the New Year

If we’ve learned anything from 2021, it’s that life is unpredictable. Given the many uncertainties that we’ve faced in recent years, training for a new career is a great way…
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The Importance of Rust Proofing Explained for Auto Detailing Students

You’ll see all sorts of issues with vehicles brought into an auto body shop, from exterior flaws to complicated mechanical issues. It may be an afterthought to many drivers and…
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