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The Importance of Rust Proofing Explained for Auto Detailing Students

You’ll see all sorts of issues with vehicles brought into an auto body shop, from exterior flaws to complicated mechanical issues. It may be an afterthought to many drivers and…
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Preparing Vehicles for the Showroom: A Guide for Those in Professional Automotive Detailing

Cars displayed on the showroom floor are next level perfect. Whether you’re detailing for the showroom or just to please your pickiest client, you need to know exactly what you’re…
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Want to Pursue Professional Automotive Detailing? 3 Tips for Using a Dual Action Polisher

How do you think professional auto detailers manage to get a vehicle looking so shiny and new? It all comes down to the use of a dual action polisher. A…
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Launching Your Auto Detailing Career? A Guide to Essential Detailing Equipment

During your automotive detailing career, you’ll want to be prepared for anything, and having the right equipment is the key to a job well done. Auto detailers work to restore…
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Why Those in Auto Detailing Careers Should Pay Attention to Rust

Often disregarded as a cosmetic problem, many drivers don’t understand the full impact that rust can have on their vehicle. When left untreated for too long, rust can even leave…
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