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The 5 Safest Cars of 2020 for Those Interested in Our Online Collision Estimator Program

If you become a collision estimator, you’ll be assessing vehicles that have been in accidents for what the damages will cost and how the car needs to be repaired. Along…
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4 Career Tips for Students Enrolled in Our Online Collision Estimator Program

Traffic collisions happen more than you probably think. In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a collision occurs on average once every sixty seconds. In Canada,…
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Thinking About Online Collision Estimator Training? Check Out 4 of the Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Sometimes, cars are pure works of automotive art. Other times, not so much. Cars with a hideous exterior can come in many shapes and sizes. Their parts might be disproportionately…
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3 of the Top Causes of Car Crashes for Students in Online Collision Estimator Training

Driving responsibly is important. After all, it can be the difference between life and death for the driver and those around them. Causes of car crashes can extend to many…
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