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A Look at the Differences Between Twin-Tube and Monotube Shocks for Students in Automotive School

When it comes to automotive shocks, two primary options are available: monotube and twin-tube. The two options represent different types of suspension systems that car owners can choose from, and…
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Everything Auto Mechanic School Grads Should Know About Driving With a Spare Tire

Replacing a flat tire with a spare is an important rule of the road. While knowing what to do in the event of a flat is important, and spare tires…
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In Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Determines the Best Car for a Commuter

Certain vehicles are better suited for daily trips to and from the workplace, providing greater safety, security, cost-efficiency, and comfort. These are just some of the various qualities that can…
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Identifying and Fixing a Radiator Leak After Auto Mechanic School

If you enjoy working with cars and are great at hands-on tasks, then a career as an auto mechanic might be a perfect fit for you. As a mechanic, you’ll…
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Parking Heaters 101: An Intro for Those Interested in Mechanic Training

Getting into a freezing car in the dead of winter is one of those things everyone dreads, especially if it means wasting time scraping ice off the windshield in the…
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