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Scrapped: Grads of Mechanic Courses Should Note Why Ford Is Killing Long-Running Models

Consumer habits can change over short periods of time. Take a look at cell phones, for example. They started out as a blocky product with a black and white screen….
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4 Things to Know About Tire Balancing if You’re Interested in Careers in the Auto Industry

 Comfort is often one of the most important aspects drivers consider when choosing a vehicle, so maintaining it is therefore a top priority too. Feeling vibrations coming from the…
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The Top 5 Reasons for Engine Overheating that Grads of Mechanic Courses Encounter

If a car’s engine surpasses its typical operating temperature range of 90°C to 104°C, then it may be at risk of overheating. For drivers, having to deal with an overheating…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Learn Why Mercedes Swapped Assembly Line Robots for Humans

Automation has always been a big part of auto manufacturing. In 1913, Ford introduced the world’s first moving assembly line, streamlining the manufacturing process and revolutionizing the industry as we…
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Taking Mechanic Courses? Feast Your Eyes On The All-New FFZERO1 Concept!

Auto-lovers haven’t heard news from the California-based electric car company Faraday Future in quite some time. That is of course, until earlier this month, when the automaker unveiled its latest…
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