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Want to Become a Mechanic? Learn Why Mercedes Swapped Assembly Line Robots for Humans

Automation has always been a big part of auto manufacturing. In 1913, Ford introduced the world’s first moving assembly line, streamlining the manufacturing process and revolutionizing the industry as we…
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Taking Mechanic Courses? Feast Your Eyes On The All-New FFZERO1 Concept!

Auto-lovers haven’t heard news from the California-based electric car company Faraday Future in quite some time. That is of course, until earlier this month, when the automaker unveiled its latest…
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Openbay: Facilitate Communication with Clients Once Start Your Car Repair Career

Imagine being able to assess a car, shop around for estimates, and schedule a service all in a matter of minutes. That’s what Openbay is—an app that connects customers with…
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2015’s Fastest Cars Under 50K: A Guide for Students Taking Mechanic Courses

Unfortunately, the fastest, sleekest sports cars usually come with plenty of zeros attached to the price tag, putting them well beyond the reach of most ordinary people. Luckily, though, car…
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The Auto Mechanics of Ferrari’s F12 TdF Will Blow You Away

Italian automaker Ferrari recently came up with a unique way of paying homage to the automotive Tour de France—the company unveiled a stunning new model, the F12 TdF. Since Ferrari…
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