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Fixed Versus Variable Rate Loans: What Automotive Business Managers Need to Know

Auto loans are more complicated than just one person or group lending a buyer money to buy a car. There are stipulations to put in about how long of a…
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3 Tips for Qualifying Customers After F&I Training in Toronto

Once a car buyer has reached the finance and insurance (F&I) department, they have already gone through the lengthy process of finding the perfect vehicle, test driving it, and deciding…
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3 Facts About Credit Scores for Students in Automotive F&I Manager Training

F&I managers, otherwise known as finance and insurance managers, are responsible for overseeing the portion of a vehicle transaction where financing and insurance are sold. This is an extremely important…
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3 Key Responsibilities Overseen by Pros With Automotive F&I Manager Training

The finance and insurance (F&I) department of a dealership comes into action once a customer has agreed to purchase a vehicle. During this time, the sales team will pass the…
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