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Freight Careers: 2 Paths Students Can Pursue After Dispatch School

Dispatchers play an important role in the trucking industry. These professionals are responsible for checking stock, arranging shipments, keeping customers informed, ensuring goods are delivered on time and much more….
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A Guide to Route Optimization for Students Taking Dispatcher Courses

  Mileage governs almost everything in the trucking industry. Transportation companies design their schedules, pay their drivers, and bill their customers all based on the amount of miles being covered….
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Why Dispatch Courses Teach Students to Maintain Good Relationships with Drivers

In the transportation industry, drivers and dispatchers play two of the most critical roles in day-to-day business operations. While drivers are out hauling loads and making good on delivery schedules,…
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Military Mechanic

While it may not have crossed your mind before, one of the most interesting and lucrative opportunities that dispatcher courses or auto mechanic courses can get you is that of…
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