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Road Navigation: 4 Top-Rated Truck GPS Units You’ll See after Dispatch Training

Global positioning systems (GPS) are in many ways a dispatcher’s best friend. They enable truck drivers and dispatchers to seamlessly communicate and get loads delivered faster, more efficiently, and without…
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Planning for Cross Border Shipments: 3 Tips For Dispatch Course Students

Canada and the United States have the world’s longest shared border, and they also have one of the world’s longest-standing trade agreements. There are nearly 30,000 commercial trucks that cross…
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3 Ways New FMCSA Truck Driving Regulations Will Impact Dispatch Training Grads

Rules and regulations for driving can change over time, often a result of new technologies or research studies. If you’re planning to start dispatch training, being up-to-date on both Canadian…
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Taking Dispatch Courses? Here are the Top 3 Routing Programs of 2016

Dispatchers are responsible for handling a wide range of tasks. They organize routes, communicate with truck drivers and customers, and they keep an eye on cargo once it’s on the…
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5 Ways Dispatch School Grads Can Help Truck Drivers Stay Alert

Dispatch pros know that when an important shipment of goods needs delivering within a tight deadline, drivers may have to make an extra-long trip, all in one shot, to get…
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