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Why Dispatch Courses Teach Students to Maintain Good Relationships with Drivers

In the transportation industry, drivers and dispatchers play two of the most critical roles in day-to-day business operations. While drivers are out hauling loads and making good on delivery schedules,…
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Career Spotlight: Load Planner

Every transportation truck you see pass by on the highway is following a system coordinated by much more than just the driver. Every load carried by one of these trucks…
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Becoming a Highway Dispatcher

If you’re interested in dispatcher training, you should know that this is a program that can open many doors for you, from load planning to logistics and brokerage to operations…
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Recruiting and Training the Next Truckers

You may think that it’s impossible nowadays to find a good, stable career, but what if you were simply looking in the wrong place? For example, did you know that…
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Another Season of the 3 Valley Gap Antique Automobile Museum

In our world of auto careers, we tend to get a bit fixated and even obsessed with beautiful cars. It’s one of those passions that can unite the entire automotive…
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