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What is AVL Technology? 3 Things for Grads of Dispatch Courses to Know

Dispatchers have the responsibility of keeping fleets safe, efficient, and functioning smoothly. Coordinating large fleets of vehicles is no small task, but with the help of technological developments your future…
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The Pros and Cons of Truck Speed Limiters for Students in Dispatch Training

Ontario’s history with truck speed limiters is full of controversy. A law requiring speed limiters on all large trucks came into effect in 2009, and required that trucks reduce their…
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3 Winter Trucking Safety Tips for Students in Dispatcher Training

Canada is known for its rugged, snowy, and cold winters. But no matter the weather conditions, cargo still needs to be transported to where it’s needed. Thus, transportation industry workers…
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4 Effective Ways to Handle Challenging Customers After Dispatch Training

The role of a dispatch specialist varies from day to day and can actually include a wide array of responsibilities. Truck dispatchers can take on administrative roles and spent time…
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Loss Prevention in Dispatch Training: 2 Ways to Prevent Cargo Theft

If you’re interested in starting dispatch training, then you might already know that the transport industry plays a vital role in Canada’s economy. Without it, the countless goods sold across…
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