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3 Signs You Might Be Ready to Become a Driver Recruiter after Dispatcher Training

Trucking and transportation companies are eager to find new drivers and that means they are coming to driver recruiters for help. Driver recruiters are incredibly useful because they can help…
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4 Ways for Recent Graduates of Dispatch Training to Foster Strong Relationships With Their Drivers

In 2014, over 72 per cent of produced goods that were shipped throughout Canada used the road. In other words, they were driven by truckers. The trucking industry has played…
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Pursuing Dispatch Training? Here’s why Organization Skills are Key!

The transportation industry relies on drivers to get freight to its destination safely, and dispatchers work behind the scenes to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Without the organization…
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A Day in the Life of a Dispatcher: A Preview for Students Taking Dispatch Courses

In the transportation industry, dispatchers are typically required to wear many hats. In fact, these professionals are responsible for ensuring timely freight delivery, customer satisfaction, effective route planning, driver safety…
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