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Small but Mighty: Check Out Some of the Smallest Car Engines in the World if You Want to Become a Mechanic

The majority of motorheads and car fanatics still take pride in driving the biggest, most powerful engines on the market, but there is a lot to be said for the…
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The History of the Iconic Lamborghini for Students Pursuing Automotive Careers

It’s one of Italy’s most well-known car companies, a continuous leader in the field of luxury sports vehicles, and referenced in many a rap song. But what exactly happened along…
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Thinking About Careers in the Auto Industry? Be Inspired by These Celebrity Cars

When you have cash to burn, you might as well spend it on a fancy new whip! Celebrities have driven some fancy cars over the years, and many of those…
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Why Students at Automotive Schools in Canada Are Talking About ‘Project Arrow’

When Justin Trudeau announced that the Canadian government was committing to achieving zero emissions by 2050, many industries across the country pledged their support. The Canadian automotive industry, in particular,…
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Auto Service Technician Course Break: A Look at the Greatest Race Car Drivers

Love watching Formula One or NASCAR? Then this article is for you! The debate over who the greatest drivers of all time are can be a heated one.After all, the…
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