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The History of Car License Plates for Those With Careers in The Auto Industry

License plates are a legal requirement in countries around the world to be displayed on all kinds of road vehicles for identification purposes. Also known as number plates or vehicle…
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The Top 5 Fastest Cars in the World for Those in Automotive School

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? With any of these five production cars, that need can be satisfied—and then some. Some auto manufacturers develop cars with acceleration…
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Thinking About Automotive School? Here’s How Power Door Locks Work

Car door locks are necessary for keeping vehicles safe from intruders and ensuring young children are secure inside. These handy mechanisms have come a long way from the simplistic technologies…
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Starting Dispatcher Training Soon? Here Are Some Transportation Industry Trends for 2020 You Should Know

The transportation industry is one of the largest industries in the nation, playing a centre role in the sustainability of our modern world.  As a dispatcher, you would oversee the…
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What Students in Automotive School Need to Know About the Top 3 Most Affordable Cars of 2020

If drivers are looking for something cheap, cheerful and a breeze to drive, these cars might be their ticket. Since these vehicles all have starting MSRPs at the lower end…
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