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Regenerative vs. Friction Braking Systems: The Difference Explained for Anyone Pursuing an Auto Career

As more and more drivers opt for hybrid or electric vehicles, regenerative braking systems have become increasingly common to use. While traditional fiction brakes are known primarily for stopping the…
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The Causes of White Exhaust Smoke for Those with Careers in the Auto Industry

For any car owner, seeing thick and heavy amounts of white smoke coming out from their exhaust pipe is a major red flag. More often than not, it indicates that…
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The Risks of Driving with Low Tire Pressure Examined for those with Auto Mechanic Training

If you’re traveling in your vehicle and you see that yellow low tire pressure indicator symbol flash on your dashboard, would you keep driving? Unfortunately, many drivers wouldn’t give their…
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The History of Seatbelts Explained for Those in Automotive Careers

Seatbelts are essential for keeping drivers and passengers safe in any vehicle. Not wearing them—or not having them at all—is a potential disaster waiting to happen. That said, seatbelts haven’t…
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A First Look at the 2021 Kia Seltos for Those with Careers in the Auto Industry

Kia says their brand new subcompact SUV is “designed to get noticed”—and it’s easy to see why. Between its high-powered engine, standard and available safety features, slick approach to styling,…
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