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4 Buyer Personality Types and How You Can Sell to Them After Car Sales Training

Every customer who walks into a car dealership has a different story, personality type, preference, and reason for being there. Whether they are looking to finally purchase their dream car,…
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Car Buyers Speak Up: 3 Lessons Auto Sales College Students Can Learn from New Study

A recent study conducted by Autotrader spoke with 4,002 car shoppers about their car purchasing processes and how they envision the perfect car buying experience. Some great tips, tricks, and…
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How Canada’s ‘Car Czar’ is Working Towards a Better Future for Auto Sales College Grads

Great news for students going into auto sales; the auto industry is booming. Investment in new auto plants rose 37% last year to $24.1 billion USD and 2015 was a…
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The Future of Automotive Careers: Are Flying Cars About to Become a Reality?

Flying cars have long been the stuff of science fiction, but could we be seeing them on the market sooner than you think? Recent technological advances have made the idea…
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3 Great Test-Drive Tips for Car Sales Training Students

For many car sales, a test drive is the moment of truth. At this point in the process, the customer has probably already discussed the car with the salesperson, who…
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