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Has Goodyear Created the Tire of the Future? The Spherical Tires You Might See after Car Repair Training

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show, Goodyear unveiled a brand new tire concept: the Eagle-360. This tire is designed solely for autonomous vehicles, is created using a 3D printer and…
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An Inside Look at 3 Types of Drivetrains for Students in Auto Mechanic Training

For drivers, choosing the right type of drivetrain can often be crucial to the how well their car runs. Picking the wrong system for their needs can result in increased…
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Students in Auto Repair Courses Won’t Believe How Range Rover Celebrated its 45th Birthday!

2015 marks the 45th year of Range Rover production What did you do for your last birthday? Maybe you threw a party, or just had a quiet celebration with friends…
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Turbochargers vs. Superchargers: An Intro to Car Repair Training

Ever wondered why a luxury sports car makes that satisfying roar when it’s revving up? What you’re hearing is either a turbocharger or a supercharger. These are the two main…
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