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Infographic: The Most Popular Auto Shows in British Columbia

Auto shows provide car enthusiasts of all ages with the opportunity to get together and celebrate their love of cars. Auto shows are public exhibitions for a variety of cars;…
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5 Simple Engine Modifications Car Repair Experts Make to Improve Performance

Auto mechanics often deal with customers who aren’t happy with their car’s performance. While many drivers are content with a stock factory model, auto enthusiasts are always looking for ways…
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A Car Repair Student’s Guide to 3 of the Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Cars

Supercharger, turbocharger, or naturally aspirated? Auto manufacturers have long been working to discover which engine-type is most efficient, commercially appealing, and importantly—most powerful. Mechanics and mechanic students know that getting…
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Has Goodyear Created the Tire of the Future? The Spherical Tires You Might See after Car Repair Training

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show, Goodyear unveiled a brand new tire concept: the Eagle-360. This tire is designed solely for autonomous vehicles, is created using a 3D printer and…
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An Inside Look at 3 Types of Drivetrains for Students in Auto Mechanic Training

For drivers, choosing the right type of drivetrain can often be crucial to the how well their car runs. Picking the wrong system for their needs can result in increased…
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