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Gas Versus Diesel Pickup Trucks for Car Repair Experts

When it comes to pickup trucks, using either gas or diesel can come with pros and cons. Both options have advantages in various areas, including fuel economy, durability, resale value,…
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A Look at Mobile Tire Installation for Car Repair Experts

It’s the kind of tire installation service that’ll save car owners a trip to the shop. Mobile tire installation is where auto experts come to clients to install brand new…
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Recall News: 3 Things Future Car Repair Experts Should Know About Maserati’s Rollaway Issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) first opened an investigation into crashes and injuries linked to Fiat-Chrysler in August of 2015. In total, the initial recall was linked to…
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5 Simple Engine Modifications Car Repair Experts Make to Improve Performance

Auto mechanics often deal with customers who aren’t happy with their car’s performance. While many drivers are content with a stock factory model, auto enthusiasts are always looking for ways…
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A Look at the Top 3 V12 Engines Ever Made According to Car Repair Experts

While many cars might look good, let’s face it: the engine is what makes a great automobile truly stand out from the competition. Engines are the source of raw power…
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