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Enrolled in Mechanic Training? Here’s a Peek at Some New Automotive Technology to Explore

One thing that never stops changing is the technological advancements in the automotive industry. The technology being utilized in most modern-day vehicles to ensure safety, overall performance, and efficiency continue…
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New Year, New Career: How to Switch Jobs and Become an Auto Mechanic

A new year is a great time to set goals and start on a path to achieving a dream. If your goals include a brand new job where you can…
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What to Do When Your Car Is Stuck in a Blizzard on the Way to Mechanic Training

Most people would say the best thing to do during a blizzard is stay inside. However, that advice doesn’t help if you get caught in one that starts when you…
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Get Inspired for Car Repair Courses with the Hyundai Solar Roof

One of the world’s biggest car companies is getting a little greener. Hyundai has officially launched a Sonata Hybrid with solar panels mounted on the roof. The solar panels help…
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A Look at the Benz Patent Motorwagen for History Buffs in Mechanic Colleges

Automobiles have certainly come a long way, but that doesn’t mean old ones aren’t cool to look at. The Benz Patent Motorwagen is known as the world’s first automobile, having…
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