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Pursuing Auto Mechanic Certification? See How Nissan Redefines Mobility with its Latest Concept!

The Tokyo Motor show occurs once every two years, and this year marks the 44th. While each show typically boasts a particular theme, this year’s is based on the concept…
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VW “Dieselgate” Scandal: An Update for Students Taking Automotive Courses

In one of the biggest automotive scandals in recent years, Volkswagen officials have confessed to installing a “defeat device” in half a million of their diesel vehicles. The device was…
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Want A Car Repair Career? Here Are The Most Common Transmission Problems You’ll See

A vehicle’s transmission system is its lifeblood—powering the various gears that engage speed, torque, direction, and more. This means that even the smallest transmission problems can greatly impact a vehicle’s…
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A Look at Some of the Greatest Cars in the Past Decade

At one point or another every automaker has produced a vehicle that has flopped. The Chevrolet SSR is one example of an alarmingly unsatisfactory car. Of course, auto pros recognize…
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