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A Guide to Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for the Aspiring Auto Body Repair Technician

Hybrid electric-drive vehicles are relatively new in North America, and are becoming increasingly more common as advances are made in hybrid technology. Major draws to owning a hybrid vehicle are…
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Becoming an Auto Body Technician? Understanding the Safety of Hybrid Vehicles

It’s no secret that there are some major differences between hybrid and gas-powered vehicles. While gas-powered vehicles obtain their power solely from an internal combustion engine, hybrid vehicles run on…
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Bumpers in Small Cars: What Those in Auto Body Technician School Need to Know

Many drivers will opt for smaller car models when they’re looking for something that’s more fuel-efficient, easier to drive in urban areas, and all-around more affordable. Smaller cars are often…
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Thinking of Becoming an Auto Body Technician? Here are 5 Common Paint Mistakes to Know About

The paint job is often one of the first aspects of a car to be damaged in a collision. Even a minor bump or scratch can cause a frustrating amount…
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The 3 Types of Rust and How to Prevent Them Explained for Auto Body Repair Technician Students

As a car begins to age, one of its greatest enemies becomes rust. All cars are susceptible to the chemical process that happens when exposed steel on any part of…
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