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[Infographic] Why Pursuing a Trade Is a Great Career Move

Who says you need a university degree to have an amazing career? If you love being on your feet and moving around, or want to work in an industry where…
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Thinking About Careers in the Auto Industry? Be Inspired by These Celebrity Cars

When you have cash to burn, you might as well spend it on a fancy new whip! Celebrities have driven some fancy cars over the years, and many of those…
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Why 2020 Is the Year for Women to Become an Auto Mechanic

Historically, the automotive industry has been dominated by men. Boys dreamed of working with cars and engines, while girls looked to more ‘feminine’ careers. However, this is slowly but surely…
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How to Fix the Most Common Steering Issues You’re Likely to See in Your Auto Career

There are a whole range of things that can go wrong in a car and affect steering. Whether it’s a problem with steering fluid, tire pressure, or suspension, steering issues…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Take a Look at the Audi SQ8

Audi hinted at the release of the Audi SQ8 in August last year with a teaser image featuring six soon-to-be-revealed RS models, including the RS Q3, RS Q3 Sportback, improved…
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