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Transmission vs. Engine Trouble: How Those with Auto Mechanic Certification Can Tell The Difference

As a driver, there’s nothing worse than hearing or feeling something unfamiliar in your car. That’s usually when we send our cars to an auto mechanic for a quick diagnosis….
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An Overview of the Most Common Springtime Repairs for those in Auto Mechanic Training

With the arrival of spring comes the season of melting snow and clear roads. It’s no surprise that most cars come out of winter looking a little worse for wear….
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The Difference Between Brake Shoes and Brake Pads Explained for Automotive School Students

A vehicle’s braking system may be equipped with either brake pads or brake shoes, but many drivers are unaware of the difference between these elements. Brake shoes are used in…
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A Look at the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador for Students Considering Automotive School

How many cars blend the old with the new as effortlessly as this one? The 2021 Lamborghini Aventador is yet another stellar-looking supercar from an Italian manufacturer who knows a…
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Inner Tire Wear Explained for Those With Auto Mechanic Training

Whenever there’s a sign of tires wearing out, this may spell eventual trouble for the driver and for passengers. Tire wear at the front end of a vehicle is the…
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