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The Benefits of Combining Classroom Theory with Hands-On Training in Automotive School

If you’re considering launching your career as an auto mechanic, a good training program will be the key to your success. Effective training is essential when it comes to being…
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What Those in a Professional Mechanic Career Should Know About Using a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

When a vehicle’s tires aren’t correctly pressurized, a lot can go wrong. Low tires can affect a vehicle’s fuel economy, as underinflated tires will be more resistant to rolling, requiring…
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Top Reasons for Poor Gas Mileage That all Professional Auto Mechanics Should Know

If a vehicle experiences a sudden drop in its fuel efficiency, there can be a number of reasons behind the issue. While different makes, models, and years of vehicles get…
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A Quick Guide to Forced Induction For Those in Mechanic College

When it comes to the world of automobiles, one of the major considerations among buyers is power. For those seeking greater engine performance, forced induction is the way to go….
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Interested in Automotive Careers? Here’s a Look at the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

While completely driverless cars still have yet to break their way into the mainstream automotive industry, there’s been plenty of progression in the field of autonomous vehicle technology. With companies…
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