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Inner Tire Wear Explained for Those With Auto Mechanic Training

Whenever there’s a sign of tires wearing out, this may spell eventual trouble for the driver and for passengers. Tire wear at the front end of a vehicle is the…
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A Look at the Differences Between Twin-Tube and Monotube Shocks for Students in Automotive School

When it comes to automotive shocks, two primary options are available: monotube and twin-tube. The two options represent different types of suspension systems that car owners can choose from, and…
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If You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic, Here’s the Difference Between Leveling and Lifting a Car’s Suspension

Drivers who want more ground clearance, height, or bigger tires for their vehicle will need to either lift or level their suspension. This is particularly the case if they own…
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If You Want to Become an Auto Mechanic, Find out Why Brake Dust Can Be Harmful to the Environment

Brake dust, the gray-black sediment that can be found lingering on a vehicle’s wheels, is no longer considered only as a potential problem to the vehicle. While some proportion of…
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Once You Have Auto Mechanic Training, Be Sure to Tell Drivers These Winter Driving Safety Tips

While the snow might be beautiful, winter can be a precarious time for driving. In Canada especially, winters tend to be a little rough, and winter accidents are bound to…
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