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5 Iconic Moments in Ford’s History: A Quick Overview for Aspiring Auto Mechanics

When Henry Ford set down to create his very first car, he built it all by hand with the parts he had at his disposal. His first few proto-automobiles weren’t…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? Check Out the New 2019 Acura NSX Type R!

There are lots of great cars on the road that are as comfortable during a trip to the shops as they are on a racing track. Lots of manufacturers follow…
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Great Career Advancement Opportunities for Grads of Auto Mechanic College

One of the things that drive people towards a certain career is its potential to throw up something new and interesting every day. It’s always important to feel like you’re…
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How Grads from Mechanic Schools Deal With Transmission Fluid Issues

There are lots of moving parts under the hood of a car, and wear and tear is inevitable. The health of these components is maintained using various types of oil,…
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Replacing Faulty Ignition Coils After Auto Mechanic College

Every little part of a vehicle plays an important role in keeping it moving. The engine, exhaust, or radiator may be more obvious to the naked eye, but each engineering…
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