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Become a Mechanic and You Might Get to See These 4 New Eco-Friendly Cars

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has historically had a large ecological impact. Production of steel, rubber, glass, plastics, and paint doesn’t come at zero cost to the planet—even…
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If You’re in a Mechanic Program, You’ll Love Henry Ford’s Soybean Car

Ford: one of the world’s biggest automotive companies, and one that isn’t afraid to try new things—even if they involve soybeans. Yes, that’s right. Based partially on his desire to…
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A First Look at the Honda e for Anyone in a Mechanic Program

The 2020 Honda e is still in the prototype phase, slated to hit the European market in late 2019. With a focus on comfort during city driving, the car is…
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A Short Guide to Headlights for Students in Auto Technician Courses

If you’re a bit of a deer in headlights when asked about the bulbs that guide drivers along dark country roads, keep reading. In your career, you will encounter different…
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If You’re Training to Become a Mechanic, You Have to See the Lexus Luxury Minivan

The Dodge Caravan, introduced by Chrysler in 1984, is touted as the first to solidify minivans as the vehicle of choice for soccer moms and families everywhere. Since then, minivans…
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