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Those With Careers in the Auto Industry Will Want to Be Aware of These New Trends in Automotive Technology

Each new year bears witness to new and exciting technological innovations—and In the ever-competitive landscape of the automotive industry, manufacturers are wasting no time implementing these technological advancements into their…
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The History of RVs and Truck Campers for Those With Auto Careers

Canadians, and North Americans in general, have long valued the freedom of the open road, going to great lengths to explore the expansive scenery the land has to offer. The…
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4 Roadside Tips Everyone in Automotive School Should Know

We’ve all seen the poor guy on the side of the road, scratching his head with the car hood up trying to assess what went wrong. But is it prudent…
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Exhaust Systems Explained for Those Interested in Auto Mechanic Training

Any operating vehicle needs an exhaust to keep itself going. There are a variety of facets to this system that can help it deliver a bigger and better performance. But…
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Want to Become a Mechanic? 5 Signs You’re Ready to Start ATC’s Online Auto Mechanic Training Course

Automotive Training Centres (ATC) offer online training courses so that students can learn everything they need to know about inspecting and repairing cars in a garage without even leaving their…
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