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How Electric Cars Achieve Instant Torque: An Overview for Grads of Mechanic Schools

When it comes to achieving top speeds, no one will challenge the fact that gas-powered cars are king. But while they’re fast, it takes them a little longer to hit…
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Using Professional Automotive Detailing Skills to Remove Stubborn Brake Dust

A hose, some soapy water, a few microfiber towels, and plenty of elbow grease can often be what it takes to get most of the muck off the average car….
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Becoming an Automotive Business Manager? Check Out This Guide To Extended Warranties!

With modern cars now built to last longer than ever before, today’s buyer often purchases a new car with the intention of keeping it long-term. An extended warranty can help…
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A Brief History of the DeLorean for Students Pursuing Auto Careers

Every now and then, a car gains cult status. Whether for its beautiful styling, good performance, or unique history, it lives on in the hearts of collectors even long after…
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Mitsubishi Intends to Sell Its Only U.S. Production Plant

Due to dwindling sales in the U.S., Mitsubishi Motors president, Tetsuro Aikawa, recently announced at a press conference that the company’s U.S.-based plant will cease production, starting in November of…
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