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The Potential of Neil Young’s LincVolt Initiative

Although more famously known for his brilliant and original brand of crooning folk songs, Neil Young has always been a champion of environmental protection and for cleaner fuels. When he’s…
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Career Spotlight: Automotive Futurist

Because technology moves at such an incredibly rapid pace these days, people need to have their fingers directly on the pulse of new trends, new designs and new innovations all…
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2014 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

The Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is finally underway! Running until February 23rd, the automotive show is one of the largest and most celebrated in the world, held this year…
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Auto Sales Trends and New Digital Tools for Car Buying

These days, technology moves fast – we’re talking 400 horsepower fast. This means that the speed at which auto manufacturers are releasing new cars with the latest and greatest technologies…
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Best Concept Cars from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

As those of you in automotive careers in Toronto will no doubt already know, automotive shows are known for their showcasing of the latest, most cutting edge and forward-leaning technologies….
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