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Want an In-Demand Career? BC Needs More Professionals With Automotive Trades Training!

Companies across British Columbia are crying out for trained professionals in the automotive service field. In fact, the lack of skilled mechanics has resulted in symptoms ranging from cancelled bus…
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How to Spot a Faulty EGR Valve After Automotive Trades Training

An EGR valve is a small but vitally important engine component. The valve’s purpose is to permit the flow of exhaust gases into the engine’s intake manifold in small amounts….
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ATC Toronto Grad Builds Trike From Scratch

A graduate of Automotive Training Centre (ATC) Toronto recently finished an exciting project in the school’s shop. Starting from the ground up, Bill Campbell engineered and built a steel trike,…
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Preview of the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Think Tokyo and most will think cutting edge. The upcoming 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, taking place from November 22nd  to December 1st, will be no different. Car manufacturers will unveil…
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The Evolution of Auto-Painting

If you’ve ever bought a new or used car, chances are that it came with a shiny coat of paint. Paint finish is a deal breaker with many cars since…
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