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Low Profile Tires: An Auto Technology School Guide to this High Performance Tire Option

Ever since their introduction in the 1970s, low-profile tires have been used to improve vehicle performance and handling. Additionally, low-profile tires also have a more streamlined, modern look, which offers…
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Build an In-Demand Career at Auto Technology School

The job search is always a stressful period of time as we try and find work that suits our qualifications and passions. It’s challenging to find a career that combines…
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What Are Mild Hybrid Cars? Students in Hybrid Vehicles Training Programs, Find Out!

Part of what makes working with cars so rewarding is that the technology behind them is changing all the time. Carmakers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their…
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What Does Ariel’s New HIPERCAR Have in Store for Grads of Hybrid Automotive Training Courses?

Ariel Motor Company has been creating some of the fastest vehicles on Earth for the past 150 years. From bicycles and quadricyles to race cars and motorcycles, Ariel has seemingly…
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Are Solar Car Roofs the Future of Hybrid Tech? What Students in Hybrid Vehicles Training Programs Should Know

The race to get more and better eco-friendly cars to market is on, and now Panasonic is preparing to introduce an interesting new technology into this competition: solar roofs. By…
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