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CES 2016: A Roundup of Important Cars for the Aspiring Automotive Technician

  A few short years ago, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was little more than an afterthought for the auto industry. However, as manufacturers have focused more…
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These 5 Cars Will be Discontinued When You Start Your 2016 Automotive Career

Nothing lasts forever in the car world, and 2016 will see a number of recognizable vehicles join that great auto-shop in the sky. There are various reasons cars become discontinued….
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Morgan Motor Company Celebrates 65 Years with a New AR P4 Model

If there’s one thing every car lover can agree on, it’s that old cars are timeless, well-crafted and never get boring to fawn over. The Morgan Motor Company is one…
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Ford Opens Innovative Testing Centre in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a long way from Detroit, but Ford wants to show the world how serious they are about advancing their tech, by opening a new Research and Innovation…
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5 New Car Companies To Watch Out For in 2016

The majority of cars In North America are produced by the “Big Three” automakers—General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Of course, foreign companies like Toyota and Honda are always competing for…
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