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Tesla’s ‘Top Secret Masterplan’ Explained for Those Pursuing Careers in the Auto Industry

Tesla Motors is named after famed inventor and innovator Nikola Tesla, who invented the power distribution method of alternating current electricity that we still use today—among a lot of other…
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How Online Aftermarket Sales Could Change Your Automotive Service Writer Career

Are you ready to take your first steps down the road to an automotive service career? A range of job prospects await those with the right training and motivation! For…
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3 Things Not To Do When You Become an Automotive Service Writer

Automotive service writers play a critical role in any car dealership or garage. This is mainly because these professionals act as the link between customers and mechanics. In fact, they…
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Pursuing an Automotive Career? Find Out Why Infiniti and Red Bull Have Parted Ways

After months of speculation, Red Bull Racing has confirmed its split from longstanding commercial partner Infiniti. While Renault will continue to supply engines for the team, the Formula One outfit…
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An Automotive Service Writer’s Guide to Managing Difficult Customers

Working behind the counter of any automotive service department has its own set of challenges, and any experienced automotive service writer knows that a major one includes having to occasionally…
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